Civil Engineering Knowledge -1 

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Civil Engineering Knowledge -1 

Welcome to your Civil Engineering Knowledge -1

1. Strength in cube test in relation to cylinder test in relation to cylinder

2. Ratio of cement and sand for plastering of beam, column etc is

3. Measure taken for prevention of dampness of a floor is

4. Hole kept in a retaining wall for seepage of water is…..

5. Number of bricks required for 1 cubic meter of concrete work at 1:1.5:3
ratio is

6. Which pile acts as retaining wall…

7. The pile transfers load as pier is…..

8. The asphalt naturally available is

9. Effective grain size of scale is…..

10. Shallow tube wall-can pump water from a depth of

11. Void ratio is….

12. If SPT of clayey soil is 2 then the soil is…..

13. Main element of biogas is……

17. The volume of cement in one bag is……

18. How many number of bricks require for one cum brick work?

19. What is the unit weight of cement?

20.What is the standard width of corrugated sheet?

21.Which is the time range for initial setting time & final setting time of ordinary
Portland cement.

22. Generally the compressive strength for good bricks is

23. What is the percentage of silica for 1 st class bricks?

24. What do you mean by BOD?

25. Which method is used to determinate the workability of concrete?

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